Angela Jarman, GLASS ARTIST

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Angela Jarman is an award-winning contemporary studio glass artist, based in Hertfordshire. Her work is inspired by natural forms and is breathtakingly beautiful. Each piece she creates is literally one-of-a-kind, making her work highly desirable. Her audience – peers, collectors and students – seek out her unique style and the expertise gained over her 20 year career. Angela exhibits internationally and has work in many museum collections worldwide, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Amazing!

Angela is driven by her creativity. She isn’t a business in the traditional sense, partnering with a premium London gallery to sell her work. However, after teaching her specialised glass making process for many years in different venues, she is launching a new venture to run workshops in her own studio. This has inspired Angela to invest in her personal brand. She doesn’t want to look corporate, but understands she needs to think like a business to thrive.  


BRAND DESIGN direction

Angela’s artwork is the basis of her entire brand, so it was clear it must also be the central focus of her branding. The visual brand identity is intentionally understated with a minimal design – simple, neutral and ordered – to set a feeling of authority and act as a backdrop to Angela's work. By using Futura typeface, a design classic with enduring style, paired with a restrained, cool colour palette, I’ve created a modern tone that compliments Angela’s distinctive style and puts her art centre stage with confidence. Beautiful close-ups of glass textures from her work add depth, personality and authenticity.

I discovered that Angela engraves every one-of-a-kind piece she creates when its complete. It was an off-the-cuff remark during our initial consultation, but so relevant. This became the inspiration for her logo. What better way than handwriting to add an authentic touch to branding?

The finalised brand identity was used to design branded collateral materials and a Squarespace website. The clean website design, with lots of white space, indicates quality and makes viewing just like walking into an actual art gallery! View it here.

Angela’s distinctive visual identity makes her recognisable and communicates what she does. Not only does she look the part, she has the materials (and confidence) she needs to take on new challenges. Her branding has given her the power to reach her full potential!

Discover the full story: take a behind-the-scenes look at the design process.

I love all the elements of the design – my website, letterheads, choice of font, colours... everything. Thanks Andrea for nudging me along to get images and copy ready for you too – just the right balance of efficiency for me to cope with. Loved the whole journey.
— Angela Jarman, Glass artist


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