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project OVERVIEW

Flourish Retail is a retail merchandising consultancy with a difference. Its founder, Sarah Johnson, has a mission to simplify merchandising and introduce its benefits to a new audience. Merchandising is traditionally a service used by large retail chains, whereas Flourish Retail offers solutions for small independent retailers. As an owner of a small creative business herself, Sarah realised there was a gap in the market and used her two decades of professional experience from the corporate retail world to launch her uniquely positioned business in summer 2018.

Flourish Retail partners with independent makers – predominantly females – selling on online platforms, such as Etsy, who want help to make profitable decisions so they can focus on their creativity. A friendly approach, combined with a tiered range of merchandising solutions – from off-the-shelf easy-to-use templates for low budgets though to bespoke consultancy for higher budgets – makes the brand very appealing.


Although it’s a startup, Sarah was keen to launch her consultancy with credibility. She approached me to create a brand identity and the collateral needed to make an impact from day one. Exciting! My aim was to craft a brand identity that talks to Flourish Retail’s ideal clients in exactly the right way. Wanting to break down any preconceived barriers to working with a consultancy and the stuffiness of traditional merchandising, the brand identity is accessible, friendly, creative, helpful and engaging. The inspiring aesthetic captures the spirit and values of the brand.

The logo concept was inspired by growth and simplicity – two things that feature strongly in Flourish Retail’s ethos. A springlike colour palette is uplifting, warm and feminine to appeal to Flourish Retail’s audience, while lively brand patterns keep things light hearted. Given Sarah’s vast experience, the brand design has also been considered to convey her expertise: trust, efficiency and dependability. Ordered compositions and clean, simple brand typography help achieve the desired balance. The end result is a fun, stylish look that feels contemporary, but can also grow with the brand.

After applying the brand identity to business cards and digital collateral (shown below), Sarah went on to build her own website using the brand style guidelines – view it here.

Portfolio project: Flourish Retail brand icons | Beehive Green Design Studio
Portfolio project: Flourish Retail blog post graphics | Beehive Green Design Studio

I am so pleased that I chose Beehive Green to do my branding for Flourish Retail. I really enjoyed the whole experience, from thinking about my brand story, message, and customer, all the way through to signing off the amazing graphics and logo. I have ended up with something which reflects my brand brilliantly and will give my customers the right impression from the outset.

Andrea is so fabulous to work with that I’m now recommending her for consultancy projects that I’m working on!
— Sarah Johnson



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