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The Coolest Water Company Ltd is a family run start-up company that supplies water coolers to businesses, retail environments and homes across Hertfordshire, with a focus on friendly and reliable customer service. 


The challenge

The goal was to create an original visual identity that both stands out in the market AND that shows the company's unique personality. The brief was to create a character that will form a key part of their brand identity and, over time, become synonymous with The Coolest Water Company Ltd. This mascot should help establish a friendly and approachable image. The challenge? To also create a professional, credible feel that ensures the brand is taken seriously by its audience. 


design solution

Upfront research confirmed that a brand mascot would create a truly original identity within the market, reinforcing the chosen design approach was the right direction. My signature design style is minimal and clean. As this style is what attracts clients, it's also the style they expect to receive from me. ‘Flat design’ graphics were used to create a character based on a water drip, to ensure the results reflect my simple approach. With his thumbs up pose, a cheeky wink and a shadow to bring him to life, this cool character provides the company a friendly personality and has a real vibrant, fun feel. The logo gives key words ‘coolest water’ dominance, with the focus deliberately set on the character. 

A quirky and direct brand voice has been introduced – the character speaks directly to the audience via a speech bubble – setting a welcoming, informal tone. As an additional part of the brand identity, a dynamic splash element was developed a to give further versatility and brand recognition. Used alongside specified type faces and colour palettes this gives a consistent  and unique visual look that identifies the company at a glance and gives a strong visual impact.

As a start up company, several collateral design items were required to help establish it and aid marketing – and they all continue with the fun approach. Brand identity style guidelines were created, and then used by a third party web design company to enable them to create a consistent website.



The Coolest Water Company Ltd understood how, in today’s world, professional design is fundamental to small businesses and gives real power to communicate effectively. Their design investment says to their audience that they take their business seriously – it has given them credibility and a professional status from day one. And from a personal point of view this had so much creative potential; it was fulfilling using my signature design style to successfully create such a fun visual identity.

Andrea has really helped to define and establish our company brand through her logo and branding creative designs. We have worked together on a couple of occasions now and I have always been very impressed with her work. She is very talented and has a friendly, professional approach.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her design services to any new start-up enterprise, as she took me step-by-step through the design process, offered advice and was supportive throughout.


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