DESIGN process



Beehive Green’s vision is to provide a premium design experience, from start to finish, to equip your business with the powerful brand identity it deserves.

Together, we’ll spend approximately six to eight-weeks on your brand design project. During that time, I’ll formulate an intentional, stylish and effective identity for your business. And you’ll have a memorable, motivating and truly fun journey! This is what will happen...



Step one is about getting to know you. The client discovery process involves a workbook, consultation (either face-to-face or remotely) and brand analysis. The reality is you know your business best so, as client, your role in the design process is extremely valuable. Before starting designing, I'll find out the nitty-gritty about your business to understand your values and aims. This helps me create a brand identity that reflects your vision. 


Next, I’ll focus on researching your industry, target market and competitors. I'll also look at current design styles, relevant trends and benchmark brands. Using all this as inspiration, I’ll curate a visual mood and colour board to capture your desired brand personality. The mood board will be the foundation of the next stage and will also ensure we’re in agreement about style direction.

This strategic approach provides the basis for a considered brand identity that not only looks stylish but also has the desired impact. It’s important to understand that, while I want you to love your brand, I also want it to work for you. So primarily my design approach will be aimed at your target audience – it must resonate with your ideal customer!


Now we’ve defined your brand direction, it’s time to begin developing logo creative concepts – the heart of your new brand identity. I’ll start using pencil and paper, then refine and digitise these to ultimately present you with two alternative logo design solutions that I confidently believe reach your target audience.

I’ll develop full concepts and present them in a PDF document to showcase my vision for your visual branding. As part of this, mock-up images will show how each logo concept could appear in real life. I’ll also put together the accompanying design elements – colour palette, typography, patterns or textures – all thoughtfully considered to deliver a totally unique and fully comprehensive brand identity. The presentation mock-ups will show how these individual elements work together cohesively. 


After discussing and reviewing the alternative logo concept routes, I’ll progress the preferred solution through two rounds of refinement. Finally, I’ll take your newly designed brand identity system and create the agreed supporting branded print and digital collateral – business cards, stationery, social media and so on – to complete your seamless new look. For each deliverable, I will listen to your feedback and finalise your designs perfectly through two rounds of refinement. There’ll be lots of communication between us throughout this process, so honest feedback and timely responses are essential. 


Once your project is approved, I’ll deliver all the files needed to launch your newly designed brand identity successfully into the world. And I’ll make sure that you know exactly how to use it, by creating a brand board and comprehensive style guidelines. Whoop whoop! It’s time to celebrate – you have a gorgeous new brand identity.

But our collaboration doesn’t end once you have the project in your hands. I’ll check in with you every once in a while and would love to continue our partnership. I offer an ongoing design service exclusively for current and past branding clients to ensure future projects align with your brand vision. 

Ready to get started?